Closure of Silverlawn alleys to be investigated

Anti-social behaviour, illegal parking and problems with pedestrian and traffic safety on the Silverlawn Estate were highlighted at a meeting of Navan Municipal District this week.

Cllr Eddie Fennessy told the meeting that there had been a serious issue on the estate recently and residents genuinely feared for their safety.

He called for the closure of two alleys that give access to Rathaldron Road.

“There are too many alleyways offering accessability to teenagers from other areas who hang around the estate causing a nuisance,” he said.

Cllr Fennessy was told closing of the two alleyways onto Ratholdron Road was subject to further investigation, due to the issue of services and right of ways. An update would be provided when the investigations have been completed.

Cllr Fennessy also called for the installation of chicanes on dangerous bends in the estate and the re-surfacing of the road, as well as footpath upgrades on the worst affected areas, the installation of new speed ramps and the upgrade of existing speed ramps.

Cllr Francis Deane said that there were issues with rights of way in regards the alleyways and more policing would restrict anti-social behaviour.

Cllr Fennessy said the gardai had agreed to more patrols in the area and had been good to their word.

Cllr Padraig Fitzsimons said there were so many alleyways and routes there in which to escape from authorities and he called on the council to look at improving lighting.

Council officials said footpath repairs could be assessed and quantified as part of the Footpath Replacement Programme, pending the continued availability of funding under this heading.

Cllr Fennessy was told there was no funding in the 2021 budget for traffic calming measures at the location, but the works could be included for future consideration. He was also told the roads in the estate were re-surfaced in recent years and are considered to be in good condition.

"I welcome the council's response to my motion,” said Cllr Fennessy. “I attended a meeting on the estate recently where issues of anti social behaviour and traffic/pedestrian concerns were raised by numerous residents who have genuine concerns for their safety.

"Footpaths on the estate are in a really poor condition making it difficult for older and infirm residents to traverse them safely. I urge council to address this problem before a serious accident takes place.”

He noted previous attempts to have the alleyways blocked and the length of time it's taking sign off on.

“I urge the council to complete their investigation as quickly as possible, residents will be thankful for it," he said.