Ryan McMullan docu-movie releases in September

Film centres around a four day recording and listening session in Donegal

'Ryan McMullan: DEBUT' is an innovative documentary following an up-and-coming singer songwriter as he prepares for the release of his debut album. Following the world premiere of the film at the recent Galway Film Fleadh, it will have a theatrical release in selected cinemas from September 3rd. The team behind the film have been documenting Ryan’s career for the best part of four years. The film is directed by award-winning filmmaker Brendan J Byrne.

The film centres around a four day recording and listening session in Cruit Island, County Donegal at the end of 2019, where Ryan and his team assess all the songs competing for a place on the album.

Against this majestic landscape, we get to know the film’s key players – the film’s principal, Ryan McMullan, his artist/mentor Foy Vance and manager/drummer Paul ‘Hammy’ Hamilton. Threaded throughout is the back story of how Ryan has reached this point, including footage from his support tours with Ed Sheeran and Snow Patrol.

The film intricately weaves together a significant amount of footage to create an insight into the creative process of a hugely talented musician, who clearly has a major future ahead. The film combines intimate moments of introspection and performances alongside appearances on much bigger stages, set against the backdrop of visually striking sequences from the Donegal ‘retreat’.

Singer-songwriter and star of the film, McMullan said: “I grew up watching music documentaries every weekend with my friends, dreaming about being an act or artist that has a documentary made about them. I never thought in a million years that it would become a reality.”

“What began as a daunting opportunity ended up being one of the most fascinating projects I’ve been involved with so far. I am very flattered and honored to be involved in this film and I hope everyone enjoys it. Warts and all.”

Director Byrne added: “This film grew out of my own passion for music. When I first heard one of Ryan’s songs, I loved it and knew he was going to be Northern Ireland’s next major singer-songwriter. Mainly, this film is a study of talent and dedication, about one following their dream wherever it may take you.”

Andrew Tully, producer for Fine Point Films added: “Ryan and his team have worked tirelessly to get to this point in his career and we’ve been privileged to have been on hand to document a large portion of that. Their work ethic and love for their own craft has been infectious. We are excited for what the future holds for Ryan.”

Ryan McMullan: DEBUT is a BBC Northern Ireland and YellowMoon funded film produced by Fine Point Films and Cyprus Avenue films.