Lifesaving defibrillator installed outside Kells food court

A lifesaving defibrillator has been fitted outside of Park Ri Destination Stop & Food Court, Cavan Road Kells.

The device, which delivers an electric current to restart the heart when someone is in cardiac arrest, has been placed at the entrance door of Park Ri and is available for the community to use. The Defibrillator is designed to be used by those who have no medical training as it has an inbuilt speaker that gives simple step-by-step instructions to operate.

Damien Duffy, Operations Director at Park Ri Destination Stop & Food Court said, “With thousands of people visiting Park Ri on a monthly basis, the many shoppers to Aldi that is next door to our facility as well as a large residential community in this area, we decided to invest in a defibrillator that can be used for anyone that is in need of it”.

Damien continued, “The defibrillator is in a locked box that requires a code to access it, the code is available from 6am to 11pm by asking any member of our staff. After we are closed the code can be got by dialling 999/112”.