Letter to the Editor: Solidarity with Gaza was touching to see


Dear Sir,

Although I'm not a regular reader of your newspaper (not living in Co Meath), I was encouraged to come across your recent article on the experiences of a Palestinian surgeon living in Navan (Ann Casey, "Gaza-born surgeon living in Navan moved by Palestinine Solidarity Vigil" 26th May 2021).

The real, lived experience of those affected by the humanitarian crisis in Palestine is vital in informing our understanding of the situation. Clearly Dr Mahmoud -- the subject of the article -- was greatly moved by witnessing the solidarity of Irish people with the plight of Gazans. He himself, as a surgeon in Our Lady's Hospital, renders a great service to the Irish public for which we should also be grateful, particularly in light of what he and his family have been through.

The solidarity he was so moved by reflects the long-standing bond between the Irish and the Palestinians, which included participation in the 2010 Freedom Flotilla that was brutally attacked by Israeli forces. As Gazans struggle to piece their lives back together following an onslaught that has left more than 200 dead and close to 2,000 injured, more coverage is needed in the mainstream media of the lives of Palestinians such as Dr Mahmoud and how they think we can help the situation.


Osal Kelly


Dublin 4

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