Mr Campion’s wall was damaged in a recent collision

Increased policing of dangerous Navan junction sought

Residents on a Navan road that has been the scene of several accidents are calling for increased policing of the speed limit as well as traffic calming measures.

People living on the L550 from Casey's Cross to Johnstown village have endured the nightmare of regular crashes along that road.

They have signed a petition urging that the road be included in the speed camera programme and are calling on the council to take action to improve safety on the road.

One local resident Jim Campion has had cars crash into his garden wall on four separate occasions.

The most recent incident was last Saturday week, when a woman crashed into the wall.

"A couple of years ago, there were two incidents within three days. A car crashed into my wall on a Wednesday morning and another one crashed into it on the Friday. That same week, a woman crashed into the ditch directly opposite my house," he recalls.

"We want the council to put in warning signs, frost warnings and other traffic calming measures.

"We have been fighting for this for a long time, but have been totally ignored by the council so far.

"It is not good enough and will they wait until there is a fatality do act on this," he asked.

"The road tends to be slippy and there is camber on the road that seems to cause the accidents.

"It is a busy road and is getting busier all the time. There are hundreds of new houses being built up the road, so something will have to be done to prevent any more accidents," he said.

Mr Campion was meeting an official from Meath County Council today (Tuesday) to discuss the situation.

A spokesperson for Meath County Council said the road surface and road markings on the L5050 are in good condition following resurfacing of the road in 2018.

“There are currently no plans for traffic calming measures on the rural section of the road, but it is Meath County Council’s intention to install traffic calming measures on the approaches to Johnstown village once the current restrictions on construction are lifted.”

She said policing of the speed limit would be a matter for An Garda Síochána.