Letter to the Editor: We should all leave our Christmas trees up until the end of January

Dear Sir,

Forty-five days before Christmas the retail sector in Navan launched Christmas early, in defiance of the Christian tradition to which some of us may still hold. Seeing it as a fundamental undermining of the true Christmas spirit and a potential spoiler for kids who look forward so much to this event, I felt a deep anger. What could I do? I consider staging a one-man, sorry, one-person, protest in some public place, naked, but for a sandwich board to cover my dignity, or even most drastic still, to appeal to the Meath Chronicle to postpone the great event. I calmed down, and realised it was a desperate plea for support from the commercial life of this town, in semi-shutdown since the pandemic began.

On mature reflection, I have decided that the spirit of Christmas should be better served if extended until the end of January, which it always was when I was a child growing up in Athlone. The three wise man, and their camels, were added to the crib on the 6th of Jan and the whole lot remaining in situ until St Bridget's Day. I have accordingly decided to leave my Christmas Tree up and lighted until the end of the month and appeal to those who may not yet have disposed their tree to do likewise.


D. Lee


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