WATCH: Santa sends very special video message to primary school pupils

Santa Claus has delivered a very special message for the children of one local primary school reassuring the boys and girls that he will ABSOLUTELY, DEFINITELY, POSITIVELY be visiting them on Christmas Eve.

Santa wanted to dispell any worries that the dreaded coronavirus would have any impact on him making his way around the globe and delivering presents as he does every year.

His special video message which was played to stunned pupils at St Dympna's NS today was prompted by a card he received from one that school's youngsters who was fretting that the Man in the Big Red suit would be unable to set off from the North Pole with his team of reindeer due to travel restrictions.

The letter read: "I wanted to ask you about you getting to my house this Christmas. Everyone seems really worried that you won’t be able to travel. We have a virus here and we are not allowed to go to play with our friends. I was thinking then does that mean you and the reindeer won’t be able to travel?

"How will I know for sure if you can come. I want my sister to get her presents just like me. She has been really good. Mammy and daddy keep telling us that you will come but I hear my friends in school saying no one is allowed travel v far so that must mean you as well. I’m trying really hard to be big and brave but sometimes I feel sad and nervous.

"Will you try to get a message to me if you can. I want you to be safe too so I’ll try to understand if you can’t come.

But if you can come I’ll leave some food out and a drink.

Lots of love"

Well, Santa did indeed get his heartfelt message and picked up on the boy's worries.

"Thank you for joining me, especially all the pupils from St Dympna's National School in Kildalkey in County Meath in wonderful, wonderful Ireland," began Santa sitting beside an open fire and surrounded by festive decorations.

"I got a card, you know, from one of your pupils and out of this card I think there's an awful lot of anxiety about what's going on this Christmas.

"Boys and girls of St Dympna's National School in Kildalkey, in Ireland, let me say here and now that I, Santa Claus, will be absolutely, no doubt coming to you this Christmas as usual. Okay! Photographer: Gavan Becton

Ooh, this terrible virus is engulfing the whole world and he tells me of all these rules and regulations, that you can't travel here and you can't travel there."

Santa said he wanted to set the record straight and outline just how safe his whirlwind visit will be, taking in Kildalkey and the rest of Meath.

"Boys and girls of St Dympna's National School in Kildalkey, in Ireland, let me say here and now that I, Santa Claus, will be absolutely, no doubt coming to you this Christmas as usual. Okay!

"We have done so much work up here in the North Pole. Mrs Claus is taking our temperature, every day in the workshop. Only a few elves can work at a time, making everybody safe. And when I go in there I have to wear my magic scarf, that way everyone stays safe.

"And when I come down your chimney. I will be wearing my magic scarf, which would protect me and you from that nasty virus, and I'll drop my presents, as usual. So, boys and girls of Kildalkey, and all Ireland, let me state, everything's in place here in the North Pole, we're ready to go.

"And let me say right here and now I've got universal clearance from all the leaders of the world so I can go wherever I like. And when I go there's no problem about me and Rudolph, and all the reindeer travelling, we are clear to go.

"And I know you're all very good down there in County Meath and you'll all stay stafe safe. You have to keep washing your hands and doing what you have been doing in school, I've heard great reports, you're very, very good you're leading by example.

And, rest assured, on Christmas Eve, 2020 Santa Claus will be with you. I'll see you then. Until then, bye bye, Cheerio."


School principal at St Dympna's NS, Mr Chris Fox, said the pupils were "blown away" by Santa's kind video message and that his words would come as a great relief to many of the school's 230 young students, some of whom had become a little anxious about travel during the pandemic.

"We announced on the intercom that we had received a very urgent and important video message from the North Pole and that all teachers were to show it on the school TVs at 10.30 this morning. To say the kids were enthralled and amazed would be an understatement."

"It was so good of Santa to take time of out from his very busy preparations to speak to the pupils. We knew he wouldn't let them down, but it's been a very tough year for everyone so it was no harm for them to hear his voice letting them know all will be just fine."

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