Mother and Baby report - counselling time extended

(Editor, Meath Chronicle)

Dear sir- Connect counselling will extend its opening times for six weeks due to public focus on the Mother and Baby Homes report.

Connect provides telephone based counselling and support to abuse survivors, and is extending its opening to 6pm to 10pm seven days per week until Sunday, 13th December. Connect normally opens from 6pm-10pm, Wednesday to Sunday.

Connect counsellors will be available every evening and callers can speak with a trained professional who can offer emotional support. Note that the counsellors at Connect cannot advise on adoption or tracing issues.

Connect is available at freephone: 1800 477 477 from the Republic of Ireland or 00800 477 477 77 from Northern Ireland and the UK


Connect Counselling,

PO Box 10708,

Dublin 7.

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