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Red Sky Through The Trees

Standing on the porch in the back garden.

The October leaves trundle along.

A chill Autumn breeze, brushes the side of my cheek.

The wind whistles, taunting me.

Looking out, the trees sheltering the purple Michaelmas daisies.

Behind I see the red sky through the trees.

Surrounding the low-lying countryside.

My eyes are spellbound by the celestial sphere’s beauty.

Watching as the soft clouds breeze across the evening sky.

Its soft burgundy effects, masked behind the Oak’s torso.

The Moon slowly appearing, gently making its arrival.

I see the bare branches of the trees.

I watch the shadows reflecting against the crimson beauty.

The darkness of the evening closing in.

Red sky through the trees, transfigures slowly.

Fading to black.

- Ciaran Guckian

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