Residents in Kells urged to report crime

The public have been urged to report all incidents of drug dealing and anti-social behaviour to gardai.

Cllr Sean Drew has highlighted the problems of drug dealing on some estates in the town, as well as anti-social behaviour, joyriding and bullying, but says residents need to report these incidents to the gardai.

“I have spoken to the local gardai and sometimes these incidents are not reported.

“They want to be informed of any of these matters, so they can deal with them,” he said.

Cllr Drew also called for the installation of CCTV in the town to help tackle the problems.

He said Kells is a great town to live in and to bring up families with a welcoming community spirit.

“However there are a number of issues that are occurring which have a negative impact on the daily lives of some of our residents.

“Drug dealing is taking place in various housing estates, creating concerns of associated serious criminal activity.

“A very small minority of youths gather in an intimidating manner in some public places causing anxiety and fear to elderly residents.”

Cllr Drew said that there are problems with speeding and reckless driving occurring late at night particularly on and around the bypass.

“There is also a gang of children aged between 10-14 physically and verbally abusing other children and vulnerable residents in a particular estate. “

“These are not isolated incidents and are causing genuine upset to many people. The gardai are aware of these matters and are following up on them.

“I would urge anyone who is impacted by these or similar activities to confidentiality report them to the gardai so that they can get a complete picture of the extent to which they are occurring. This will enable the Garda authorities not only to target and resolve these matters but may also assist them in seeking any additional resources that they require locally,” he said.

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