Baby and toddler group to wind up after 10 years


Toddler Group Seeks Volunteers

Sadly Bohermeen Parent Baby and Toddler Group has had no interest from anyone in the local community to take over the group, so after 10+ years of running, it will unfortunately remain closed until there are new volunteers to take over. Many friendships have been made because of this fantastic group and it has been such a wonderful part of the community for many years. The current organisers would like to thank everyone who was ever involved in the playgroup and wish them a safe and happy future.

If anyone is at all interested in re-opening the playgroup, they are asked to contact head of the Bohermeen Community Centre via Facebook.

The Bohermeen Parent, Baby and Toddler group was a weekly group that met up in Bohermeen Community Centre where parents, grandparents and childminders were all welcome to go along with their children aged 0 to 4 years. €3 for 1 child. €5 for more than two.

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