Go ahead given for 30 apartments on only green space in Ashbourne estate

Independent councillor for Ashbourne Joe Bonner has slammed the decision by An Bord Pleanála to grant permission for three large apartment blocks on the only green space for children in an Ashbourne Housing estate.

The decision overrules the decision of Meath County Council who denied planning permission on land near Millbourne Estate earlier this year.

Residents of Millbourne have been fighting to save the only green space they have access to for the past five years and have staged a number of protests over this time to highlight the importance of the space for the community.

The green area although on the same grounds as Millbourne, is owned by a separate developer, Rybo Partnership who previously said: “The green land does not form part of the Millbourne housing estate and never did. This land has been in our ownership for many years and still is – it is private property.”

Cllr Bonner says it is “the worst decision” he has seen in his political career and is “an appalling attack on the 300 families” of Millbourne to allow the build on the only green space available to them and their children. He said:

“I’m outraged. It’s a scandalous decision. We have been made a fool out of by the authorities.

The green area had been sealed off earlier this year by the developer leaving children with nowhere to play

“They didn’t give any consideration to the points that we made as to why this space needed to be kept for the residents of Millbourne as it is the only green space the resident’s have access to.

“To think they are going to put 30 apartments four story high in this small little space is unbelievable.”

Councillor Bonner went on to say point out that permission for this development has previously been refused twice by Meath County Council and refused twice by An Bord Pleanála. He added:

“I find it very difficult to understand the reason behind this. We are living through a pandemic now and open space and green space is so important and it has now been taken away from the people in Millbourne.

“This is an appalling decision. The government is all talk about sustainable communities and building a better and greener environment but it’s just that - all talk!”

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