Chop and change for Meath's hair salons as they reopen post lockdown

“Everyone was just delighted to get back and get their hair done again."

Hairdressers across the county reopened on Monday morning as part of a series of lockdown relaxations after weeks of closure.

With uncertainty around opening dates, waiting lists and new procedures it was a relief to have the first day under their belts according to Fearghal Flanagan of

Our Salon in Ratoath who said:

“It felt really good to open the door the morning. It was a little strange for the first ten minutes seeing everyone come through the door but after that everybody settled into it so well.

“Everyone was just delighted to get back and get their hair done again.

“People are happy to wear their masks, they are sanitising their hands, they are just going with it as much as we are.”

The new way of working has been successful as Fearghal explains

“We have taken out every second chair and we have split our teams into two so one team won’t work with the other.

Co owner of Our Salon in Ratoath, Fearghal Flanagan says their first day was a success

“We have extended our opening hours by an extra 17 hours a week just so we can facilitate more customers, with that too just so we can stretch out the appointments so that the stylists have more time to disinfect in between clients, to change their aprons and gloves and clean down each section.

“We have a per spec screen at the reception desk and also between our basins so we can still use each basin.

“We have a large floor space and didn’t need them in between each section because we a just use every second chair.

“Each stylist has their own trolley for styling with their own gloves and sanitiser and their own brushes.

“We try to make it as normal as possible for the clients.”

Jenny Russell owner of Hairitage Hair Salon in Kells has come up with a way to protect higher risk clients.

“We were nervous opening, I didn’t sleep a wink last night so I’m sure people were nervous coming back into us but the day went really well and it was fantastic being able to welcome our clients back in.

“It’s very much the unknown and people want to know that you are taking it seriously, there is a lot to manage but we are getting there.

Zeta Russell , Jenny Russell and Elaine shaw from Hairitage Hair Salon in Kells

“We are keeping our Mondays for our clients who might be more at risk or any of our clients who have illnesses.

“We are doing temperature control and taking temperatures before anyone comes in.

“All clients have to fill out their covid questionnaires and there is a sanitiser station outside before through come in.

“I have a long wide salon so there is a lot of space in it and we have screens that we have put between sections.

“The masks are a little bit challenging but we are getting there.

“We are serving water and teas and coffees in take away cups.

There have been some positive outcomes for local businesses in this crisis according to Jenny.

“The salons in Kells and Navan have all connected and we have all been there backing each other up.

“We have been able to sound ideas off with other salons, it has brought local salons together, we are stronger together than we are apart.”

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