New Taoiseach to focus on 'recovery and renewal'

New Taoiseach to focus on 'recovery and renewal'

New Taoiseach to focus on 'recovery and renewal'

Newly-elected Taoiseach Micheàl Martin has pledged to focus on the recovery of the economy after Ireland was hit by the fastest moving recession in its history caused by Covid-19.

He stated: "There is no question what our most urgent work is.

"We are meeting away from our permanent chamber because of a historic pandemic which has struck Ireland and the rest of the world.

"As of today, 2,278 people on this island have lost their lives. Many thousands more have fought a long struggle to recover. There is no community, no part of our country which has escaped untouched.

"In the last three-and-a-half months enormous progress has been made in controlling the spread of the virus and treating those who have become sick."

He pointed to the fact nearly '900,000 of our people wholly or partly relying on special pandemic payments'.

An Taoiseach pledged that the three parties in the new coalition will work together on trying to fix the country.

“Recovery and renewal. These are the themes which underpin everything in the programme for government which has been agreed between Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and the Green Party and has been ratified by our members with overwhelming majorities.

“Our three parties come from very different traditions.

"We do not and could not be expected to agree on everything. However, we have been able to agree on core democratic principles and on a balanced and comprehensive programme."

Deputy Martin said there are too many people who cannot find a decent and affordable place to live, while waiting times for urgent treatments are far too long.

"Our country has shown time and time again that we can overcome the toughest of challenges – and we will do so again.

"It is in the spirit of a deep belief in the role of democratic government; with a commitment to delivering the recovery and renewal embodied in our programme, and a determination to work tirelessly to serve the people that I proudly accept the nomination of Taoiseach."

*Image: Fianna Fàil party Facebook page.

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