English: 'If Navan rail line feasibility is proven, new Government will have to deliver funding to get Meath on track'

In a statement welcoming the formation of the new Government, Damien English, Meath West Fine Gael TD said there were many issues of importance for Meath residents that will need to be addressed over the next five years "not least the future role of Our Lady’s Hospital under Sláinte Care, roads funding, rural transport, broadband, mental health and respite services."

On the issue of the Navan rail line, the outgoing Minister for Housing and Urban Affairs said the process was already in place for the feasibility of the rail line to be proven. "Once proven, it will then be up to this Government to deliver funding that will get the rail on track for Meath.”

“The new partnership between Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil and the Green Party can now begin working an earnest on a programme for government that will deliver recovery, hope and opportunity for the country at a time of extraordinary public health and economic difficulties owing to the global Covid 19 pandemic.”

“I look forward to working with new and existing parliamentary colleagues in delivering a strong economic and jobs package to get people back to work, so that we can drive economic recovery, ensure balanced regional development, invest in housing and healthcare, and improve the quality of life for all our people.”

“The upcoming July Job Stimulus will be very important to help local business and to create and protect jobs, especially in areas hit by Covid like tourism, hospitality, retail and leisure”

“I will work with my fellow Meath government colleagues in the Dáil to ensure Meath continues to get a rebalancing and fairer share of State funding for important local projects. We have seen great strides in recent years for additional funding for Town, Village and rural enhancement schemes.”

“Funding has been secured in previous years for new school building projects for our growing pupil numbers in places such as Navan, Trim & Enfield. This new Government will be the one that can drive forward with the delivery of the much-needed new school buildings.”

“There are many more issues of importance for Meath residents that will be addressed by this government; not least the future role of Our Lady’s Hospital under Sláinte Care. Roads funding, rural transport, broadband mental health, respite services are some of the issues, there are many more, on which this Government will be judged on after five years of work”.

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