Young Kells woman helps others by telling own story

An inspirational young Kells woman says she has written a self care book giving an honest account of her experience with mental health struggles and traumas she has overcome in life to encourage others ‘to share their story.’

'Rainbows to Reality' is a truthful tale on how Megan Neary (24) has overcame knock-backs as well as being a simple guide on how you can win at life.

All it takes ‘is a mind over matter attitude’, according to the young author who has been very open about her own battle with anxiety via social media and has connected with many through her story.

Megan is well Known in her local town of Kells for her passion for music and fitness within her local Kells Musical and Dramatic Society and her sister’s busines, Dance Mania Dance studio.

After returning from a solo trip to the South of Italy in October of last year, where Megan went to practice yoga, meditation, mindfulness and self development, she then realised her purpose in life was to teach and help others.

"Rainbows to reality is a small personal journey and activity book to welcome to the world of self development, to help you lead a more colourful life," she says.

"I think it's important that more people talk and if I can help one person by telling my story then I will be happy."

"In today's world we are all so caught up with our screens that I wanted to give people a place to disconnect from it all and connect back with yourself, through every page there is a lesson to learn."

Megan who published and designed the book herself explains her motivation for this project, she said: "My sister and I own a dance studio in Kells and with the success of the studio everyone was always saying to me your life is so amazing, I wish I was like you but they didn’t know what was going on the inside. I was playing a role for social media I suppose you could say. It just felt wrong so I was thought I’m going to tell my story and open up and if I can help one person, that’s good enough for me.

"I started to writing little blogs on Facebook and posted them on social media and the response I got was amazing. So many people started messaging me and opening up and telling me their story and I thought wow I am actually connecting with people. I used what I wrote in my blogs and just decided to go further and make it into a book.

"I always say you wouldn’t paint over a cracked wall you have to fill the cracks first and you have to dig deep sometimes."

There were two major life events that that had a huge impact on the Kell’s woman’s mental health as she explains.

"When I was nineteen I lost my friend is a work accident and it devastated us all, it was a big shock at that age to lose someone. I was kind of just numb for a while and a few months after that my mam was in a car accident.

"She is ok now but it was pretty serious at the time and I think I put a protective blanket over everyone that I could in fear of losing someone again that I forgot to protect myself. After that I diagnosed with anxiety.

"Initially it was a little hard to press that post now button on Facebook because you never know what people's response is going to be to anything you do but I was proud of my story and I think that comes across in my book.

"I want people to own who they are and own their story. There's an Oprah Winfrey quote I use in my book under Meg mottos that reads: 'I was once afraid of people saying who does she think she is, now I stand and say this is who I am' - I think that says it all really.

"I'm proud of my story and I'm even prouder of everything that I have overcome, my story has made me the person I am today and for that I'm grateful."

'Rainbows to Reality' has taken the local town and surrounding areas by storm. The support from the local community has been amazing and I'm truly grateful" says Megan.

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