Jaclyn with Luke (13) Samantha (10), Jasper (7), Ben (4) and Leia (2)

Castletown crafter Jaclyn making mask adapters for frontline heroes

A Sci-Fi mad mum from Castletown who named her children Luke and Leia after the famous Star Wars characters, has swapped making superhero merchandise for making protective mask adapters for superhero frontline workers.

So committed to her passion for the iconic movie series crafting mum of five Jaclyn Gurulé (40) got a tattoo paying homage to the film and even arranged for her daughter Leia to be born on May 4th International Star Wars Day!

Unable to attend gamer conventions to sell her comic superhero inspired crafts from her venture ‘The Crafty Mama Store’ she decided to make use of her materials and help healthcare staff instead.

Jaclyn with children Samantha, Luke and Leia

“I used to do a lot of crochet work and made quite unique pieces like Nightmare Before Christmas baby jumpers, not your typical grandmas crochet stuff you’d find at the craft stall!

“I happened to see this pattern pop up in my social media feed and I thought I have all the materials, I have boxes of yarn and buttons that I have accumulated and thought this would be a good way to get through some of it while helping people.

“I don't charge front line workers or vulnerable people but if anyone else wants to buy them for personal use they can do that too.

“The adapters work by hooking the ear straps on the buttons and use the strap on the back of the head. This prevents the straps from chafing the backs of the ears.

Samantha as Princess Leia and Jasper as Chewbacca with the 501st Garrison at Dublin Comic Con

“I started making a few of them and I’ve sent them off to St Francis Hospice in Dublin, places back home in the states and other places.

“I might not be changing the world but I’m helping one person in their world.”

Jaclyn originally from California has been living in Ireland for the past 17 years explains how the names Luke and Leia were chosen for her children.

“When I had my eldest we were looking at names and I always loved the name Luke obviously because of Luke Skywalker. I was praying for twins at the time but that didn’t happen!

“I thought ok I got my Star Wars baby. When I got pregnant with my last baby, her original due date came up as May 19th.

Jaclyn Gurele with her Children Jasper (Batman), Ben(Mario), Samantha(Princess Leia) with Leia and Luke

“At the time Carrie Fisher had passed away and I really felt an infinity with her, she always seemed like such a strong woman and and we were looking at the name Carrie.

“I was being treated for diabetes through the pregnancy and the hospital said we are definitely going to have to being you in early to have the baby.

“The doctor suggested May 5th a Saturday, but I managed to persuade her that it was no use bringing me in on a Saturday.

“She saw I had a Star Wars tattoo and she said yes I’ll be sure to get the paperwork in for May 4th!

“So it couldn’t have been more perfect and we decided we were going with Leia; it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. So I have my Luke and my Leia.

The crafty mum explains where her passion for sci-fi began.

“Being a child of the 80s I just grew up with Star Wars, it was something that was always in pop culture.

Jaclyn creates superhero merchandise to sell at conventions

“Because I grew up in an era of VCRS and you didn’t have access to instant digital media seeing Star Wars was special because that meant you either had it on a tape or someone you knew had it on tape so it was a big thing.

“I got a tattoo of the rebel alliance logo symbolising the resistance three years ago.

“It was my first tattoo and I literally just walked into the tattoo parlour and said I’ve been talking about it for years and years I’m doing it as a mother’s day gift to myself.

“I’ve already got plans for seventeen other ones. They are very addictive.

“With Sci fi it enables different ways at looking at civilisation. if you look at Star Trek, they have a more utopian way of looking at the future that gives you hope.

Mask adapters made for comfort for frontline workers

“Then there are also the warnings in some of the other sci fi future stuff where it’s well that’s not the way we want to go. But it’s mostly something we can share and have fun with the kids.”

Jaclyn mum to Luke (13) Samantha (10), Jasper (7), Ben (4) and Leia (2) hand makes magnets, bookmarks, pendants, coasters and a range of jewellery she sells at gaming conventions throughout the year.

“What I really love about conventions is that they are really inclusive of everybody. That’s’ really important for me to show the kids, it’s ok to be who you are.

“They have become such a part of my life I am really missing them.”

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