Fr Ray gig for Headfort Arms

In the two years since Father Ray Kelly’s ‘Hallelujah’ video caused a worldwide sensation on YouTube, he has sung all over the world.
Since then, Father Ray has taken his backing tracks and played gigs in places as varied as New York, Florida, Germany and the UK.
However, he’s just put together a new band and plans to play their first gig together in Meath at the Headfort Arms in Kells on 27th May.


The You Tube clip that made Fr Ray a worldwide sensation

“I’ve been to many functions at the Headfort Arms and I’m really excited to be headlining my own gig there. I’ve also got some great young, local musicians in my new band and I’m looking forward to putting them through their paces”
“The last time I played a concert in Meath was at the Solstice Arts Centre in Navan and it was a wonderful evening with a wonderful audience. I’m hoping to have as much fun in Kells”

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