30 memories of growing up in Navan

Lots of great memories of growing up in Navan. From sitting on the steps of the shopping centre enjoying the sunshine, to watching your first movie at the Lyric or the Palace. We've put together a list of some of our fondest memories- some new, some old. 


1. The Pepper Pot (especially the coleslaw)

2. The old swimming pool

3. Doing laps of the shopping centre

4. The Maze

5. Breakfast in Suzie’s Cookhouse

6. The Lyric and the Palace 

7. Playing marbles in the De la Salle Brothers School

8. Fish and Chips in Malocca’s on the Square

9. Burger Express and the BC Diner

10. Playing pool in Barney Reilly’s

11. The China Garden- sun supper is still a favourite

12. Clarkes Supermarket

13. Dumping your school bag and sitting on the steps outside the shopping centre

14. Lorenzen’s sausages

15. Queues outside Annavilles Bakery

16. The Kings Belly Button

17. The Mollies

18. Getting your football boots/jersey in Colm O’Rourkes or Jacksie Kiernans

19. Spiders/Hippodrome/21 Club or simply “The Beechmount”

20. Getting your ears pierced in Fainne Jewellers

21. Mitching on the railway (and getting caught!)

22. Equus, then Moriartys

23. Diamonds/Club Tiffany/Oisins or ‘The Ardboyne’

24. Getting your communion suit in Keogan and Carty

25. Swimming at the Weir

26. Buying a TV in Burke & Locke

27. The bus to the Oasis

28. The Magnet

29. Gobstobbers in Mollie Smiths

30. The Exhibition Centre