Howard keeps his enemies close!

Thursday, 23rd January, 2014 1:48pm

Howard keeps his enemies close!

Howard Moss at the BBC.

Although attributed to the sixth century strategist Sun Tzu, the saying “keep your friends close and enemies closer” was popularised by Michael Corleone character in the film ‘Godfather 2’.
It’s now being popularised further by Howard Moss with his exceptional new album for release at the end of January and entitled ‘Keep Your Enemies Close’. Tipped by many as a potential album of the year, ‘Keep Your Enemies Close’, comes on the heels of the successful ‘Outside The Pale’ album released by TEL RECORDS of County Meath in October 2013. Like his Top Twenty hit ‘Delilah’, the songs on this and the new album are all original and melodic within a pop-rock genre. There would seem to be a country rock feel to some but they are all outrageously radio friendly and pleasant to the ear.
As well as being a top guitarist, Howard Moss is becoming recognised among Ireland’s finest songwriters with a seemingly endless catalogue of new compositions. Some of the readers may have been privileged to see Moss perform at the Olympia series of concerts under the banner of ‘Born To Run’ nine years ago or as the three-piece rock band Stoneloader throughout Ireland. Howard was also with the highly regarded Axis performing throughout Europe and especially Cyprus and also often played with the late Jeremy Oliver.
Everyone will have a favourite track on Keep Your Enemies Close. For some it will be the title track, some will like the enormously catchy ‘Lost In Time’. RTE’s Larry Gogan particularly liked ‘The Winning Hand’ stating that “it would be a knock out single”. But there is a tune for everyone.
Keep Your Enemies Close will be available as a download only and won’t be appearing in the shops.  Howard will be lining up Irish radio and TV appearances following the release as well as visits to the BBC.

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