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Hint of Jemson Green at The Central

Thursday, 16th January, 2014 6:51pm
Hint of Jemson Green at The Central
Hint of Jemson Green at The Central

Friday 24th January will see The Central in Navan host a special appearance by Ronan Power and Shane Mason of the band 'Jemson Green’ in an intimate acoustic set in the Vintage Lounge at 10pm.
Both local men to the town, they have been intensely touring nationally and recording their material with their rock band, which have been making waves on the Irish music scene in 2013. Having supported bands such as Alabama 3, Kerbdog, Riptide Movement and The Minutes, they have established themselves as a household name in well known Irish music venues nationally.
Jemson Green has just won The Wild Turkey Live Band of the Year 2013, winning a massive €3,500 in music equipment sponsored by Musicmaker, Dublin. The band entered the Irish music scene in November 2008 in Dublin. Band members Ronan Power (vocals), Bambi (bass) and Shaun Costello (drums) formed the first line up, followed by guitarist Shane Mason in 2009 and guitarist Conor Dempsey in 2012.
From their diverse genres of influence they have honed a unique sound that escapes Ireland’s somewhat stagnant soft-rock and metal scenes. They have moulded their modern grunge rock with a sense of danger and beauty that’s been missing for far too long. With their growing reputation as an electrifying live band, Jemson Green are gaining popularity, which has been seen from the increasing amount of requests for 'Growing Stranger’ and new release 'Who Am I’ on domestic and international stations.
Jemson Green have also found a new audience from Ronan & Shane’s A/V segment for Michael Winslow’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival show (Police Academy, Spaceballs, Gremlins), which he performed live in unison with them at his Fringe run. Michael is also currently touring worldwide which has resulted in massive global exposure and is no stranger to The Central Bar after a recent performance at Navan Laughs.

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