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TV Highlights

Wednesday, 29th February, 2012 4:54pm

TV Highlights

Rihanna is Jonathan Ross's guest on Saturday night on ITV.

'The Jonathan Ross Show' (ITV, Saturday, 9.20pm) - On the show this week, the gorgeous and talented Rihanna chats and performs live in the studio, plus 'Wossy' welcomes music legend Lionel Richie and the stars of stage musical 'Sweeney Todd', Imelda Staunton and Michael Ball.

Ross still has the knack of getting more out of his guests, but Graham Norton over on the Beeb seems to have stolen a march on him.


'Craig Doyle Live' (RTE 2, Tuesday & Thursday, 10.35pm) - Craig Doyle returns twice weekly for his live, late night topical chat-show where he plans to interview guests from the world of entertainment and sport in his inimitable style, with regular commentators on hand for a bit of banter and an irreverent look at the events of the day.

Doyle also will be out and about meeting people around the country and bringing back some weird and wonderful reports.


'The Zoo' (RTE 1, Thursday, 7pm) - In this new 10-part series, there's a host of new animal adventures featuring all of the favourite zookeepers and animals.

It's a big step for Dublin Zoo's gorilla troop as they set foot for the first time in their new habitat, the Gorilla Rainforest, in the African Plains section of the zoo.

And that's not all, as little Kituba, the baby gorilla, is about to be joined by another playmate as Mayani the gorilla gets ready to give birth to her first baby.

When a baby white crowned mangabey is rejected by its mother, the keepers have to step in and raise the little orphan until it is strong enough to fend for itself. Eventually, it will have to rejoin its troop but will it be accepted by the rest on Mangabey Island?


'The Book Show' (Sky Arts, Thursday, 8pm) - In a special episode of 'The Book Show', 'War Horse' author Michael Morpurgo, director Steven Spielberg, screenwriter Richard Curtis and stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Jeremy Irvine, Emily Watson and Tom Hiddleston discuss the appeal of Morpurgo's novel and its subsequent transition to the stage and big screen.

Artistic director of the National Theatre, Nicholas Hytner, also opens up about the production dubbed 'the theatrical event of the decade', which welcomed its one millionth audience member last year. Of that million was Hollywood producer, Kathleen Kennedy, who also features in the show.

Moved by the production and amazed that no one had bought the film rights, she presented the idea to Spielberg with whom she had previously teamed up on films including 'Jurassic Park', 'ET' and 'Schindler's List'.

Jilly Cooper, whose book 'War And Animals' spurred a memorial to animals that have served and died throughout British history on Park Lane, discusses the bravery of horses in World War I, along with military historian David Kenyon.


'The Fastest Changing Place On Earth' (BBC 2, Monday, 7pm) - White Horse Village is a tiny farming community deep in rural China. A decade ago, it became part of the biggest urbanisation project in human history, as the Chinese government decided to take half a billion farmers and turn them into city-dwelling consumers.

Filmed over the past six years, Carrie Gracie follows the lives of three local people during this upheaval in an extraordinary story of ordinary people in one tiny village as the government's epic plans sweep through China at a speed and scale unimaginable anywhere else on earth.

In just 10 years, they plan to build thousands of new cities, a new road network to rival the USA's and 300 of the world's biggest dams.


'Bernard Dunne's Bród Club' (RTE 1, Monday, 7.30pm) - 'Bernard Dunne's Bród Club' is an ambitious nationwide campaign which aims to inspire 100,000 people to re-engage with the Irish language.

The series will follow the progress of the campaign, which will use a combination of guerrilla tactics, publicity stunts and local advocacy to motivate people to use whatever Irish they have.

Each episode will also feature an Irish language supper club and music as Gaeilge from the Dublin Gospel Choir, Republic of Loose and Ryan Sheridan.


Movie Of The Week: 'Pearl Harbour' (RTE 1, Wednesday, 9.35pm) - Ben Affleck, Josh Hartnett and Kate Beckinsdale are directed by Michael Bay in this pivotal tale of World War II where two childhood friends join the US Army as fighter pilots.

When one's plane is shot down in Europe, it is assumed that he died in the crash. But he survives the attack and makes his way to Hawaii, only to find his buddy smitten with his former love, Evelyn. A big, brash love story set against the infamous Japanese attack, it's a grand spectacle, but somewhat light in the acting department.

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