RESPONSE: Sorry to upset our neighbours, but you rarely register on our radar

Story by Fergal Lynch

Friday, 9th February, 2018 3:00pm

RESPONSE: Sorry to upset our neighbours, but you rarely register on our radar

Hey Cavan, remember these boys?

It is always quite amusing when one county sees another as their biggest rival, yet for that 'biggest rival' the other county barely registers on their radar.
Just as Everton fans love to think Liverpool are their fiercest rival, whereas the Anfield mob regard Man Utd as their greatest foe, it is quite the chuckle that Cavan regard Meath as their biggest rival.
In truth Meath and Cavan haven't been a rivalry of note since 1952.
On that occasion the Breffni boys got their revenge for Meath stopping their three-in-a-row bid in 1949, but they haven't won an All-Ireland since, Meath have won six.
Cavan haven't even been in an All-Ireland final since. They did run Meath close in the 1954 All-Ireland semi-final, but not close enough as the Royals went on to capture their second Sam with victory over Kerry.


Granted there was 2005 when Cavan ended the Sean Boylan era with a 1-8 to 1-6 win in the All-Ireland qualifiers in Clones and again that win was hailed as the dawning of (another) new era for Breffni football (they lost in the next round to Mayo).
There hasn't been a championship meeting since.
When Cavan beat Meath in NFL Div 2 a couple of years they celebrated as if they had won an All-Ireland, there was talk of bonfires being lit in Virginia, Kingscourt and Mullagh, but in the Royal county that game hardly registered.
Cavan are just another team that stand in our way, when it comes to rivalries Meath like to look at bigger and better.

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