McEnaney ratified as new Meath senior football manager

Story by Fergal Lynch

Wednesday, 10th November, 2010 5:01pm

McEnaney ratified as new Meath senior football manager



9.45pm - The vote is underway. Oldcastle and Drumbaragh are the only clubs unaccounted for. Oldcastle have an excuse, they beat Skryne in the Feis Cup semi-final tonight. Looks like all the executive are here. Total voting pool of 72 - 37 needed to win...Off go the counters. The meeting is adjourned for a cup of tea and a sandwich. Will this night ever end

9.34pm - "Let's get on with it and get on with a bright new future." Well said Liam Keane. Let's get on with it. Come on Barney, do the vote.

9.32pm - We're just going round and round in circles now. The pros and cons have been put forward, it has to come down to a vote now, but lord knows when that will happen... Before 10.0?? hopefully

9.21pm - "In my opinion we haven't got a team in Meath as good as what is offered to bring Meath forward." The wise words of All-Ireland winning captain Joe Cassells.

9.11pm - Still no vote yet, but if I was a betting man the crowd seems to be favouring the appointment of McEnaney at the moment.

8.56pm - Co Committee treasurer Pat Clerkin predicts that it will cost a maximum of 99,000 euro, but he maintains that with savings from last year of 75,000 euro it will mean that Meath Co Committee will just have to find around 25,000euro to finance McEnaney. Good presentation by Clerkin.

8.39pm - Plenty of questions about finance and term. Barney Allen said any appointment will be for two years. Liam Keane said that the interview committee's brief was to get the best man for the job

8.34pm - Barney Allen confirms that McEnaney's recommendation was unanimous and he will be paid milage ONLY. There will be no under the counter payments made to anyone. Questions for Cassells and Keane now.

8.25pm - Davy Gaughan and Martin Curran ratified as selectors of the Meath senior hurlers. They join Killian Farrell who is the new manager, replacing T J Reilly.

8.19pm - As well as the Co Committee chairman Barney Allen being here, the two other members of the interview committee Joe Cassells and Liam Keane are also in attendance. Will there be questions to be answered?

8.12pm - And we're off... First big news of the night sees the highly respected Francis Flynn step down from his role as fixtures secretary at the end of his term... The managers decision has been bumped up the agenda.. we are only a few minutes away from finding out if McEnaney is getting the job.

8.07pm - Kick off delayed....traffic congestion on the Trim Road...All roads leading to Teach na Teamhrach tonight... This is the biggest crowd at a Co Committee meeting in years...

7.59pm - Just been handed the agenda. Looks like we'll be discussing reports from the CCCC, the u-18 committee, the juvenile committee, the development committee, finance committee, central and leinster council delegates, coaching and games development officer, cultural committee, IT committee, PRO and referee's co-ordinator before we get to the real reason we are all here.

7.54pm - There must be a big story brewing here. The national press have arrived. There is a mixed consensus amongst the few delegates I've spoken to so far. Some think McEnaney will waltz through, others aren't so sure. seven minutes to kick-off and the room is half empty....or should that be half full!!!

7.43pm - It is unlikely that the election of a new manager will be first on the agenda. This is the regular monthly meeting of Meath Co Committee, albeit, two and a half weeks late. The voting process will see Banty require a majority decision. There will be 15 executive committee votes and 59 clubs will each be entitled to one vote. So McEnaney will need 38 votes to be ratified as the new Meath manager.

7.26pm - The first of the delegates has started to arrive at Teach na Teamhrach to determine just who will succeed Eamonn O'Brien as the next Meath manager. Will Seamus McEnaney get the nod or will the delegates seek an alternative?

Check this website from 8.0pm for regular updates from the Co Committee meeting in Teach na Teamhrach to decide the new Meath senior football manager.

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