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Why the Samsung E1190 rocks

Monday, 3rd December, 2012 5:20pm

Why the Samsung E1190 rocks

While we may associate Samsung with the heights of smartphone dominance, we shouldn't forget that they still deal in smart but basic feature phones as well. The Samsung E1190 is a low cost phone with a decent array of features, a battery life of up to 8.6 hours of talk time and a smart clamshell design. You can purchase the E1190 from Carphone Warehouse on a Pay as you go contract. Read on for some of the reasons why the Samsung E1190 could be your next phone of choice.


One of the great features with this design of phone is that both the screen and keypad are kept concealed by the clamshell. If you're in the habit of keeping your phone in your pocket, along with coins and keys, you'll be familiar with the scratches and dents that your screen can pick up. However, that's not the case with the Samsung E1190, because the screen is always protected when not in use. The phone is also lightweight - it weighs about the same as a triple shot of whisky, and it doesn't cost too much more either!

Simple specification

The E1190 is designed solely to be used for calls and texts, with no other data connections available. This is an ideal phone for people who want to put it in a handbag and forget about it. Your Nan would love it!

Battery life

The standby time is an incredible 570 hours. Yes, you read that right. That's three weeks of standby time! If you can't be bothered or you're too forgetful to charge your phone, but you'd like it to be on in case of an emergency, then the E1190 is the perfect phone for your glove box or bag.

Calls and audio

The call quality doesn't suffer on the E1190. Phones that are phones and nothing else can often be the best.

Great second phone

You could consider the device as your second or spare phone. It's all very well having the latest expensive smartphone, but if you drop and smash it or you lose it, you're in trouble. Having a phone like the Samsung E1190 as a spare can be a lifesaver. You'll get peace of mind knowing you've got a second phone available for backup use. Do you really want to be walking six miles in the snow if your car breaks down this winter? Consider keeping the E1190 in your car and you'll never be caught short again. You can even play games on it to keep you amused while you wait for the breakdown truck.


You can store 1,000 numbers in your phonebook so you'll never run out of space. There's a host of helpful and easy to use apps, including an alarm, a calendar and a stopwatch.

Extra perks

If you're someone who's particularly forgetful, or who has a habit of losing your phone, the Samsung E1190 is the perfect phone for you. With its built-in phone tracker, when someone inserts a new SIM card into your phone the tracker feature will automatically send the contact number to a mobile number you programmed during the set up process. Ever needed desperately to get out of an awkward conversation with an ex-partner? The fake call feature on the E1190 means that, if you hold down the Navigation key, you can simulate an incoming call. The perfect excuse for a quick getaway.

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