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Sean Og joins Virginia Kerr in Christmas concert

Thursday, 6th December, 2012 12:00pm

Story by John Donohoe
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Sean Og joins Virginia Kerr in Christmas concert

Sean Og Boylan

Sean Og joins Virginia Kerr in Christmas concert

Sean Og Boylan

Celebrated and much-loved Irish soprano Virginia Kerr returns to Drogheda for an evening of operative and seasonal favourites in 'A Christmas Celebration' on Friday 14th December in St Peter's Church of Ireland, Drogheda.

Virginia will be joined by her Dunboyne neighbour, young up and coming baritone, Sean Og Boylan, son of the legendary Meath GAA football manager Sean Boylan.

Sean Óg Boylan is an undergraduate student at the Royal Irish Academy of Music, where he studies with Virginia. Sean Óg has been awarded many times in Ireland; Junior Vocal Recital and Baritone Solo (Feis Ceoil) and is a 2012 scholar of the John McCormack Society. He has performed for the President of Ireland at Aras an Uachtarain in addition to performances at the Abbey Theatre and the National Concert Hall. A multi-talented musician, Sean Óg studies piano with Dr John O'Conor and organ with David Adams.

Audiences can look forward to classical greats such as 'I dreamt I dwelt in Marble Halls' and seasonal musts such as 'On Holy Night'.

This will be the third instalment in the re-establishment of the Drogheda International Classical Music Series which aims to provide local audiences with a platform to see and hear the best of National and International musicians.

As the setting for this series, Drogheda will continue to be an important hub for classical music, highlighting its most beautiful cultural venues and buildings.

The programme is focused on mainstream classical repertoire combining the popular with the unfamiliar and performed by both distinguished and lesser-known but equally talented musicians. This series aims to complement the work of the existing classical music initiatives in Co Louth supporting the development of new audiences and continued appreciation

Tickets can be purchased from Droichead Arts Centre on 041 9833946 or online at www.droichead.com

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