New Trim street to be named after Swift

Story by Noelle Finegan

Wednesday, 30th September, 2009 4:50pm

Trim's newest street is to be named after Dean Jonathan Swift who had close connections with the town.

While a meeting to formally approve the name has not yet taken place, it is understood that both Trim area councillors and Trim town councillors have agreed that it should be named after Swift.

The new street links Watergate Street to the new Office of Public Works (OPW) headquarters and, because it falls both into the town council and county council area, the name must be agreed by both councils.

This is the second new street in recent times to be opened in the town. Finnegan's Way - which links Emmet Street with Castle Street - opened two years ago and was named after a local man, Jimmy Finnegan.

The issue of the naming of the new street was discussed at the last meeting of Trim area councillors and all councillors were agreed that the street should be named after Dean Swift, given his close connections with Trim and the growing popularity of the Swift Festival. Suggestions included Swift Street, Dean Swift Street, Jonathan Swift Street and Gullivar's Way.

While Gullivar's Way was supported at the area meeting, it was decided at the town council meeting that it would be best to name the street after the man himself, rather than one of the characters he created.

Cllr Jimmy Fegan said he had suggested Dean Swift Street at the area meeting but that not everybody liked it. He questioned with 'tongue-in-cheek' whether they could be blamed for somebody speeding if it was called Swift Street.

The final decision on which variation will be used will be made a meeting to be arranged between town councillors and area councillors.

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