Meath lottery winners pick up cheque

Story by Ann Casey

Wednesday, 12th June, 2019 4:36pm

Meath lottery winners pick up cheque

Staff at Tesco Extra in Drogheda celebrate selling the winning ticket

A Meath family syndicate who won €6,197,310 in the National Lottery picked up their prize at National Lottery Headquarters this week.

The family, who bought their winning ticket at Tesco Extra on the Donore road, Drogheda spoke of their shock and delight of learning that they had won the Lotto jackpot last month.  

The matriarch of the small family syndicate revealed how she broke the news to the rest of the family when she checked her winning ticket when she asked her husband: “How would you like to be married to a multi-millionaire?”

The lucky family won the Lotto jackpot on the draw on Saturday 18th May and waited more than three weeks to make their claim to let this amazing news sink in properly.

“I heard on the news bulletins that the Lotto had been won and the ticket was sold in the Tesco Extra. I felt a shot of adrenaline and checked the ticket and saw that the numbers matched. I couldn’t believe it. I just said to my husband – ‘How would you like to be married to a multi-millionaire?’ said a syndicate member.

“He thought I was joking until I showed him the ticket. He downloaded the National Lottery app on his phone and scanned the ticket just to be sure and it said the ticket was a winner. We were speechless. We never uttered a word to each other for the rest of the day. We couldn’t even comprehend what was happening.”

Speaking on what the family did with the golden ticket, a member said: “I put the ticket into a zip lock bag and sellotaped it to the inside of the cupboard and there it stayed for almost three weeks. Once a day I would look at it before I left work that morning to make sure it was real”.

The Meath family are now going to go about their lives as normal as they adjust to life as millionaires but said that they will use the windfall to look after the rest of the family. They said: “We have time booked off later in the summer so we are going to go ahead as normal until then. Maybe when holidays come around we might know what we are going to spend the cash on. Once it is lodged into our bank accounts we know the money isn’t going anywhere so while we will enjoy it we are also going to make sure it makes our family comfortable for the future”.