Anxious wait for Meath women

Story by Ann Casey

Wednesday, 16th May, 2018 4:18pm

Anxious wait for Meath women

As the anger and fear over the Cervical Check controversy continues, anxious women across County Meath have been contacting their GPs with worries about smear test results.

Many women who have received clear test results are now anxious that mistakes could have been made and have been ringing GPs around the county.
Meanwhile, Deputy Shane Cassells, a member of the Public Accounts Committee, said that officials don't seem to grasp the magnitude of the fear women are feeling or the real anger there is out there.
The worried calls to GPs follow the news that 18 women have now died following a smear testing error and that over half of the 208 women affected by the cervical check controversy were not told of the delay in their cancer diagnosis.
Dr Marie Scully of the Abbey Medical Centre in Navan said a lot of people were booking for their regular smears, more than usual, which suggests women have not lost complete confidence in Cervical Check.
The Cervical Check website says that women who have had normal screening results do not need a repeat smear test, but if you are still concerned or are experiencing any symptoms you should talk to your GP. They can organise a repeat test for you and the screening and consultation will be free of charge.
Deputy Cassells said that this weeks Public Accounts Committee will be seeking further accountability for the crisis.
Minister Regina Doherty said the revelations of the past few weeks are devastating.
"The discovery that medical professionals, who are charged with minding your health, decided in some cases to withhold information relating to women's health is astonishing, incomprehensible even.
"Vicky Phelan has done the women of Ireland a huge service by firstly challenging the lab that mismanaged her original screening tests, but more importantly, by not signing the non-disclosure demanded by them before the settled with her.
"She has shone a light on a dysfunctional medical system to the benefit of every other woman in Ireland.
“She is currently fighting for her life and the very least she deserves is our gratitude but what she needs is our prayers and positive thinking to aid her recovery.
Kells woman, Deirdre Butler is planning to hold a vigil at the statue of Our Lady outside Kells Credit Union on Monday evening at 6pm for those who have been affected.