Trim businesses flooded for second time as water main bursts

Story by Noelle Finegan

Tuesday, 21st November, 2017 4:04pm

Trim businesses flooded for second time as water main bursts

Several businesses were flooded in the centre of Trim yesterday morning after a major water mains burst in almost the same place as a year ago, again sending a river of water gushing down the street.

Last time the burst happened at around 9.30am when shops were open and staff did their best to keep the water out, but this time it happened at 4.30am and several business owners and staff were greeted by flooded stores when they arrived to open up. 
On 8th November 2016, 500 homes and businesses were left without water after the water main exploded at the junction of Bridge Street and Market Street. A year on, the mains burst in almost the same area but this time the flooding to local premises was much worse.
The entire Navan side of the town was once again affected included Haggard Street, High Street, Market Street, Athboy Road, Lackanash, Navan Road, Blackfriary and Newtown with several estates experiencing disruptions. Irish Water had completed the repairs by 12.30pm and several areas had their water back by 2pm but for others it was later before the systems refilled and full pressure was restored.
Merlyn Mahon runs the Harvest Home Bakery and was once again forced to close her business. She said this time the flooding was much worse as they weren't there when it happened. “I went in to a completely destroyed floor. It was unbelievable, there was four to five inches of water. We spent the entire day cleaning. We had to move everything. The floor will have to be replaced this time which will drive our insurance up. Last year we were there and managed to keep most of the water out.”
Meath West TD Peadar Tóibin arrived at his office on Monday morning to find it flooded. “I couldn't believe it. There is a big step up to our office, at least nine inches. The water was right through the premises and there were puddles of water lying on the ground right through the office. The back rooms are lower and there was two inches of water there. It also brought in a lot of silt, dirt and muck.”

When asked if there are plans to upgrade the main, a spokesperson for Irish Water said: “This main has been identified as a risk main and will be assessed with other high risk mains for replacement. Burst history is one of the factors used when prioritising whether or not to replace a water main.”
Regarding the issue of compensation, the spokesperson said: “Irish Water are acutely aware of the distress caused when a property floods as a result of a burst water main and we regret any property damage caused by the burst. We will liaise with the impacted property owners with due regard to relevant insurance cover.”