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Bohermeen Bog "animal hell"

Tuesday, 7th January, 2014 3:23pm

Bohermeen Bog

Archie didn't survive

Bohermeen Bog has become “an absolute hell” for abandoned animals and the Last Hope Animal Charity has rescued countless dogs and some rabbits that have been abandoned and left to die in this remote area.
The charity has been particularly busy over the past few months with dogs being abandoned around the county, but Bohermeen bog has become a blackspot for animal dumping.
Some of these animals have been found by sheer luck and could have died of starvation on the bog, while others haven’t made it.
Hilary Bartley who founded the charity is furious that people could be so callous.
“There is no reason to dump dogs. If you canot keep your dog, there are many organisations that will take them in and care for them.
“The cruelty and neglect we are seeing now is worse than ever.
“I started this charity ten years ago and in the last two years, we have some of the worse cases of abuse,” she said.
These include the case of Amber, who was found dumped on Bohermeen Bog, with horrendous injuries and ailments, all from overbreeding. She was suffering from a horrific prolapsed womb and had received little or no medical intervention and had obviously been left to die.
“She was so scared of people and would cower at a hand coming near her. She was about seven years old.
“This was the result of unregulated backyard breeding and complete disregard for animals. Amber is doing very well now, but was one of the worst cases we have ever seen ,” she said.
Archie was a lurcher that unfortunately never made it. A large wolfhound size dog, he was found on the bog. He was too wild and scared to allow the volunteers from the charity to catch him.

A volunteer fed him by hand each day to gain his trust, but on the sixth day, she found he had been hit by a car and died.

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