Dunderry group takes bull by horns in bovine stunt

Story by Noelle Finegan

Wednesday, 2nd March, 2011 4:49pm

Dunderry group takes bull by horns in bovine stunt

Three unidentified local men let the Dunderry Bull loose on Market Square.

After all the controversy surrounding the bull sculpture that is set to dominate Navan's Market Square, there were more than a few raised eyebrows as passers-by got their first look at what appeared to be the elusive bovine at the weekend.

Early on Saturday morning, a large bull was hoisted into place on its plinth and there was a great stir in the town as locals got what they thought was their first glimpse of the controversial sculpture.

And the comments weren't too kind. They couldn't believe that this was the infamous bull that is set to become synonymous with the town. Two incredulous women criticised the sculpture as they walked by, while one man commented that it was facing the wrong way.

What most people did not realise was that the bull in question was not the real sculpture at all but a publicity stunt by the Dunderry Fair Committee which had been eagerly awaiting the removal of the hoarding around the new Market Square island so they could let their own bull loose.

Instead of the 16 tonnes of limestone lovingly created by Colin Grehan which depicts two men struggling to contain a bull by its lead rope, what people saw on Saturday morning was Dunderry Fair's own bull, sculpted from the far less impressive polystyrene.

The bull is the mascot of the Dunderry Fair and was commissioned about five years ago. Never ones to miss a chance for publicity, after getting a tip-off that the fencing at Market Square had been taken down, the Dunderry Fair committee sprang into action, loaded their bull onto a trailer and lifted it onto the plinth at around 9.30am on Saturday.

And with most council staff busy counting ballot papers at the election counts in Trim and Ashbourne, the committee picked its moment well!

This year's Dunderry Fair Day will take place on 8th May. The real bull sculpture is set to be erected in the centre of Navan before the end of March.

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