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Round three of the Voice battles

Monday, 7th March, 2016 3:44pm

Round three of the Voice battles

Emmett Daly Vs Lola Arisekola.

Una gets her own back on Bressie, taking her chance to criticise his song choice for Michaela Hogg and Moylan Brunnock. She does however come under fire from the other coaches for the second week in a row and her decisions for her Team!

Nicky Wicks, Emmett Daly, Caoimhe McCarthy, Kelesa Mulcahy, Erin Rice, Tara Brown, Moyland Brunnock all go through to the Lives and two steals on tonight’s Show Lola Arisekola and Michael Hogg.

Up first on Sunday night’s show Patrick Loewen (33) Galway and Waterford lad Nicky Wicks (24). When Patrick heard he was singing with Nicky he was a little crushed. ‘he is the guy you want to sit with on the bus’ Nicky is definitely a force to be reckoned with, a quirky personality and during his blind audition he rocked the house with Nicky’s audition rocked the house turning all four chairs. Coach Bressie has given them Higher Ground to sing.

Rachel: you did not disappoint brilliant energy. Vocally really good.

Kian: loved it smashed it well done

Bressie: I told the lads not to give you sugar and they gave ye sugar, a slightly older Jedward…you couldn’t care less what anyone thinks. I need to go with the person who is the most effortless, a few steps ahead is Nicky.

Patrick is available for a STEAL but he leaves the competition as none of our coaches hit the button.

The next battle is between student lawyer Lola Arisekola (20) from Laois and junior doctor Emmett Daly (26) from Limerick. Both acts really impressed our coaches in the blinds both securing a 4 coach turn. With the soul pop combo that both of them bring to the competition Una is sure this is going to be a great battle, she has given them Stole the Show by Kygo.

Bressie in terms of vocals both you deserve to be there.

Kian: I enjoyed it, it showcased your vocals

Una: You both did me proud Lola don’t be hard on yourself Emmett you are every inch the popstar I hope someone going to help me out and steal you. The person I am putting through is Emmett.

And Bressie does indeed help Una STEALING Lola for his Team. ‘I think you are only starting your journey you gotta unlock it now’

Rachel has put Sara Moore (34) with Caoimhe McCarthy (19) because they are really good singers, and with so many good female vocalists in the competition Rachel is hoping they will show what sets them apart from the others. Singing Rihanna’s Unfaithful, Rachel encourages to go and cheat on their boyfriend!!!

Kian: both of you sang it very sweet, we needed more gruff

Una: I would have loved to have seen more of a battle, you like each other too much. You are both really good tough choice for Rachel, personally I like Sara’s voice.

Bressie: two very different voices, I would choose Coaimhe

Rachel: it’s a hard song to sing, you both have beautiful voices I have to go with my heart and take through Caoimhe.

Sara leaves the competition as nobody steals her.

It’s the turn of Team Kian next, and he has paired Sligo lass Kelesa Mulcahy (33) with Clare native Clodagh Lawlor (22), Kelesa has known Kian since childhood and Clodagh is a huge Westlife fan. Choosing Kelesa, Kian is worried that people will think he is favouring her because they grew up together but Rachel backs his decision saying she couldn’t take her eyes off her.

Una: that was a great performance great song choice, you are both great singers but for me Kelesa you were outstanding

Bressie: (to Kelesa) I think you had some brilliant moments but Clodagh was more consistent

Kian: It was great, you did everything I asked you to do from a performance and vocal side of it. I feel one person did pip it tonight, the person I am taking through is Kelesa.

It’s the turn of Team Rachel again with Frenchman Loic Bontemps who is studying in Dublin and Mayo native Erin Rice.

Kian: your falsetto was beautiful but then Erin came in and I was like wow this girl can sing. I don’t remember you from the Blinds but I will remember you now.

Bressie: (to Erin) you are REALLY good, you need to recognise that, I worry about people like you when you are not on my team. Both of you were strong.

Rachel: I think you are both better than you think you are. That song was about emotion and connection and you really brought that. Loic you have come on massively. But Rachel takes Erin through and Loic leaves the show.

Una’s next battle paring involves two of her young female singers – 19 year old Fiona Garvey from Skerries and 25 year old Tara Brown from Laois. Una comes under huge criticism for choosing a HAIM song for the girls…the other 3 coaches feel it was a bad song choice.

Bressie: doing Haim is a big ask, I felt both of you oversang it

Rachel: I feel the same it wasn’t a great song choice

Kian: the song choice was an odd one for me, I never heard it either

Una is really not happy with the other coaches’ comments, telling Kian how to pronounce Haim and he retorts by telling her he only listens to good music and to ‘calm yourself down’ telling Una to calm herself down

Una I feel like it’s all my fault now

Kian: well it is your fault you picked the song

Una: I am going to stick for the girls you did so well in rehearsal.

Kian: we are not giving out about the girls we are giving out about you

Una chooses Tara

The final battle of the night is on team Bressie who has pitted Mullingar native Michaela Hogg with Waterford lass Moylan Brunnock. Moylan has a very quirky style of singing which Bressie loves and Michaela has promised him lifts home. He has given these two ladies an Elvis song to sing You Were Always on My Mind, and Una uses this opportunity to get her own back at him over his song choice.

Rachel: it was really brave to come out and do an Elvis song and I loved how you put your own stamp on it

Kian: it’s interesting to hear that song done like that, a brave song choice Bressie!

Una berates him for giving two girls an Elvis song and which she feels is not a Battle song as they both sang it far too sweetly.

Una: There was no fight in it, no chance for either of them to think I am going to win this.

Bressie remains unflappable and makes his decision ‘Personally my taste and what I can bring to it it’s Moylan.

Michaela is available for a steal and Una snaps her up straight away ‘I couldn’t let her go you were the best for me’

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