Laytown-Bettystown Local Electoral Area

Story by Noelle Finegan

Friday, 23rd May, 2014 3:57pm

Laytown-Bettystown Local Electoral Area

Eimear Ferguson who was elected on the first count in the Laytown-Bettystown area.

The counting of votes is now complete in the Laytown-Bettystown Local Electoral Area with two Fine Gael, two Fianna Fail, two independents and one Sinn Fein candidate elected.

Sinn Fein's Eimear Ferguson topped the poll to be elected on the first count, along with Fianna Fail's Wayne Harding.

Independent Sharon Keogan was elected on the second count, Fine Gael's Sharon Tolan was elected on the eight count.

Paddy Meade (FG), Stephen McKee (FF) and Tom Kelly (IND) elected without reaching the quota, also on the eight count.



Electorate: 22,959

Total Poll: 9,955

Spoiled votes: 114

Valid Poll: 9,841

Seats: 7

Quota: 1,231


Ferguson, Eimear (SF) 1,785

Harding, Wayne (FF) 1,535

Keogan, Sharon (IND) 1,150

Tolan, Sharon (FG) 837

Meade, Paddy (FG) 788

McKee, Stephen (FF) 785

Heritage, Patricia (FF) 626

Holmes, Eoin (LAB) 555

McCullen, Dermot (FG) 508

Kelly, Tom (IND) 473

Keaveney, Dave (IND) 339

Lacey, William (DDI) 253

Martin, Mick (IND) 146

Proctor, Denis (IND) 61


Second Count

Keogan elected


Third count

Martin and Proctor eliminated.


Fourth count

Lacey (DDI) eliminated.


Fifth Count

Dermot McCullen eliminated 



Dave Keaveney (IND) eliminated.



Seventh count

Eoin Holmes eliminated


Eight Count

Tolan (FG) elected.

Meade (FG), McKee (FF) and Kelly (IND) elected without reaching the quota.

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